Financial Support

You need help

Thanks to our donors, WWWLA can offer whistleblowers financial support during the first months following disclosure, which may cover attorney fees and procedural expenses, and whenever possible, living expenses in the event of job loss.

Amounts of aid allocated are calculated on a case-by-case basis, according to whistleblowers’ most urgent needs.

If you are in financial difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us in complete confidentiality. We can help you.

You wish to help others

Whistleblowers face the risk of imprisonment merely for having revealed misconduct to the general public, thus showing the true face of democracy to the world.

Whistleblowers put their own personal freedom at risk in order to defend the freedom of all citizens and their right to be objectively informed about worldwide state affairs, human rights, government transparency and accountability, the justice system and tax equity.

Thanks to our donors’ generosity, whistleblowers’ reluctance to come forward with information may be addressed. Free legal assistance and financial support are made available, thus guaranteeing whistleblowers’ right to a fair trial.

By promoting access to justice, donors directly participate in improving whistleblowers’ conditions, thereby strengthening protection of the general interest.

Why donate to WWWLA?

  • WWWLA brings together lawyers at the forefront of whistleblower protection development.
  • Having assisted several whistleblowers to date, WWWLA has extensive experience in the field.
  • As an independent body, WWWLA guarantees transparent resource allocation, without any conflict of interest.
  • WWWLA gives engagement-free legal assistance at no cost, thus guaranteeing full liberty of action.
  • With considerable philanthropic experience, WWWLA can also assist you throughout the whole donation process.
  • Finally, WWWLA guarantees complete confidentiality of all forms of communication (whether by phone, email, or during face to face appointments).

Donating is an important decision requiring absolute trust. WWWLA’s Annual Report ensures total transparency of funding and resource allocation.

If you have any questions or wish to donate, do not hesitate to contact us in strict confidentiality