Legal Assistance

New whistleblower protection mechanisms have been progressively created over the past ten years, first in the United States, but also in Europe and later in France. However, existing legal tools remain unclear, inconsistent, and hard to implement in practice.

  • In France, for instance, the Sapin 2 law, as well as protection mechanisms for tax and customs informants, have been adopted.
  • In the United States, collaboration with different authorities (DOJ, SEC) can be sought, depending on the kind of information reported.

WWWLA’s expertise relies primarily on the extensive professional experience of its independent and multilingual network.

Guaranteeing absolute professional secrecy, WWWLA tackles transnational issues raised by financial and bank whistleblowers using a global approach.

For example, WWWLA could offer assistance to a French whistleblower by giving the contact details of one of its American members, if the reported information concerns American Law violations, or involves American companies or financial institutions.

WWWLA offers a proven track record of existing mechanisms and relevant institutions, in order to build global defense strategies.

Are you considering blowing the whistle? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us in complete confidentiality.