New whistleblower protection mechanisms have been progressively created over the past ten years, first in the United States, but also in Europe and later in France. However, existing legal tools remain unclear, inconsistent, and hard to implement in practice.

In France, for instance, the Sapin 2 law, as well as protection mechanisms for tax and customs informants, have been adopted.

In the United States, collaboration with different authorities (DOJ, SEC) can be sought, depending on the kind of information reported.

Profoundly aware of the need to improve whistleblower protection schemes, our members constantly undertake lobbying activities within their respective jurisdiction, thus contributing to the evolution of existing legal tools.

If you wish to share your personal experience or expectations regarding whistleblower protection, please contact us in complete confidentiality.

WWWLA’s President, Pierre Farge, regularly participates in public debates about whistleblowers, thus contributing to the evolution of existing norms.

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